Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Breakfast No 1

6am – 10am |
Breakfast No.1

Breakfast No.1 with Malavika and Sid is the perfect way to start a fun and action packed day. From your morning alarm to breakfast, from your school run to driving to work – Malavika and Sid keep you entertained with music and more. Good conversation served with a dash of Bollywood – cooked up in that typical Malavika and Sid way! 

Breakfast No.1 with Malavika and Sid – Truly the happiest way to wake up!


What’s on the show : 

     The Happy Hour  Ask for your favorite song between 6-7am and find out what’s keeping the city happy every morning.

     Bollynomics   An economist’s take on the business of making movies.

     Local Launda Sid updates you on the city’s latest happenings at 7.45am.

     Phoren Maal Malavika rounds up what’s happening around the world at 8.45am.

     Love It Recommend It – Every Wednesday at 9 am Malavika and Sid take you out of the malls and show you a more adventurous side to this city!

     Whats up Bro – Find out what your presenters have been up to in the last 24hrs.


A big thank you to Al Rostamani International Exchange, Home Centre, Aster and Malabar Gold and Diamonds for sponsoring

Breakfast No.1 with Malavika and Sid.




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