Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shreya Ghoshal’s Top 5 Classic Covers

It’s 2 days to go for Shreya’s concert and we thought we should list the 5 cover versions Shreya does at concerts that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 🙂   Abhi na Jao 🙂 It’s a shaky hand held video from a concert in New York but she still sounds like ...

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Anoushka Shankar at the Dubai Opera

I remember it so clearly. My father used to treasure his Pt. Ravi Shankar cassettes and every Sunday morning, after my mother had finished making us breakfast, he would take out our red tape recorder and ‘blast’ those tunes. Of course, in those days full volume meant only enough to ...

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Rekha – The Story We Like To Tell

There is something about Rekha. The Untold Story, the title of the new book about her makes me smile. It is not the untold story. It’s the story we have told a hundred times. A story we like to tell. For years we have spoken of her in whispers and ...

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Raza Beig on Breakfast No.1

Raza Beig, the flamboyant CEO of Splash and Iconic, stopped by our studios this morning to talk fashion and Bollywood with Karishma n Tarun on Breakfast No.1

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Over one and a half century… Global Warning!!

No, the headline does not have a typo, it is actually warning. Check out this immense growth in the global temperature in last few decades, it is indeed horrifying. The global environment is getting warmer and the carbon foot print is getting bigger. We need to decide as to what ...

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Priyanka Chopra

And that’s why we love her

This Superstar are as normal as you…. Don’t believe us? Take a look! 😛   When you want to sneeze but cannot….     When you want to go out with friends but your parents aren’t allowing….     When someone interrupts you when you are talking….   The moment ...

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