The Bounce

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Staying in the country this summer with no major plans for the holidays? Bored and think there is nothing to do? Let Malavika and Sid bust THAT myth for you with their brand new project – Love it, recommend it!

This week Malavika and Sid headed out to Bounce – UAE’s coolest Trampoline place! What does one do at bounce? BOUNCE! Seriously. You put on a pair of socks, get on a trampoline and jump like a 5 year old. And you really do go high! Zero gravity, 100% fun.


 So where is it?

Just behind Times Square Mall in Al Quoz. Very easy to find, just take the right after times square mall on the slip road and as the road curves, you ll see it on your left!

 Is it expensive?

AED80 for an hour for adults and the kids are charged between AED 70 and 80. They also have packages and discounts on the second session. We were EXHAUSTED after an hour (and we consider ourselves reasonably fit) We suggest you take it one hour at a time!

Fun? Tough?

INSANELY FUN. The most fun we have had this month. This week. This year. The feeling of abandon, the joy you get from senselessly jumping about on these massive trampolines, the thrill of leaping into an air bag or playing dodgeball with a bunch of strangers – indescribable. You will walk in an adult, and leave feeling like a 7 year old with a sugar rush.

What do we need to carry?

Nothing really! Just yourself.

Wear a comfy pair of pants. You need not worry about shoes because you take them off anyway and wear socks that Bounce gives you.

They also have a little café so you can grab a bite after the session if you are hungry.

We love it and recommend it!

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