Bollywood Parks | Love It Recommend It

Bollywood Parks is the first and only one of its kind in the world. A theme park for Bollywood?! How can our filmy hearts stay away?!!
We got invited to take a sneak peek and check out the place. And man – were we impressed!

How To get There:
There is an exit after Jebel Ali with a sign that leads you right to the place. Once you arrive, it’s like you’ve been transported to a Bollywood film set! No wonder they call it an immersive experience!

Thing that will definitely take your breath away:
With the fantastic Bollywood Boulevard with the giant columns shaped like elephants that lead you to the Jumbo Cafe, to Rock On club and the Chalte Chalte (souvenir) shop, you are immediately taken to the wonderful world of desi movies we know and love with all our hearts.

That BIG TAJ MAHAL like structure…What is it?
The central palace of awesomeness called Raj Mahal, which is built to resemble the Taj Mahal in its grandeur and glory. It is a theatre that can fit 850 people and will have broadway style shows, but of course, bollywood themed.

Are there only shows in Bollywood Parks:
NO . They have some super fun rides inspired from Ra.One, Krrish and even Sholay where you’ll feel like you’re in Ramgarh and fighting with the DAAKUS. Must say, Gabbar Singh is the star of that particular ride! Check it out and you’ll know what we mean!

Is that it ??
OF COURSE NOT !!! They have a lot of short shows happening all around the place, featuring lookalikes of SRK, Salman Khan and Hritik Roshan, which is a lot of fun. They also have a section called Southern Spice where they play Malayalam and Tamil dance numbers as well, so there is a full representation of desi-hood for everyone to enjoy!






Must try:
If you’re tired of just being a spectator, they even have dance lessons going on where you can learn to do the Bollywood jhatkas and thumkas as well as the next hero! We tried it too, along with a bunch of other people from all over the world and we must say, it is so cool to see a representation of people from all over the world enjoy our music and dancing as much as we do! #ProudIndian!

The amount of thought and attention to detail that has gone into the making of this place is next level! There is a Peepal tree which has been transported from Thailand, a whole live tree!! They have merchandise designed and made specifically for the park, catering to specific rides and movies featured there.

Great For: Everyone!

Don’t be a Dubai-ite : There is a lot of ground to cover, so wear comfortable shoes. Plus, it’s easier to dance in flats!

Price: 285 AED for adults, 245AED for kids. There is an annual pass available for 755AED, which we recommend you purchase, especially if you have relatives coming to visit Dubai. Trust us, you will definitely want to take them there! (entry to the Raj Mahal Broadway show is not included in ticket price and will need to be purchased separately)









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