Bollywood Celebs and Their Gorgeous Houses!!

I was generally Googling ‘fancy houses’ this morning is when I saw these gorgeous pictures of some of our famous Bollywood celebrities’ houses on and Architectural Digest’s website.

The pics look amazing and give such an insight into our favorite stars’ lives. Check it out-

  1. Alia Bhatt- (Pics courtesy iDiva)
    Look at this superstar posing at her cute tea bar!! I love the owl on the shelf, the time piece and even the old school switches that are so 70s. 
    This looks so so chilled out. I am a huge fan of floor cushions and that yellow colored cushion just made my day. A Filmfare trophy tucked in that corner on that cute wooden book shelf, ah, this makes me desire a house of my own!!

    Alia loves collecting shoes. Err it’s evident, dah! Did you know Alia shares her new house with her sister Shaheen? The clean lines of her house make me wonder if the house is really in Juhu or Jersey!! It’s got such a New York feel to it.

    2. Kangana Ranaut- (pics courtesy iDiva) 
    Kangana’s house is everything that your favorite Ruskin Bond books are made of- quaint, colorful, rustic walls and everything that hints of house in the mountains.

    This rug you see in the picture below is picked up from New York. Yeah, Kanagana and I are on back slapping terms. I know everything. That was a joke, you can laugh.
    I also love how the chandelier is kept in the corner and not hanging from the middle of the room. And those photo frames, ah those photo frames, I mean look at those photo frames. *HeartGasms* 
    I love the texture on the walls in the pic below. So rustic!! 
    3. Irfan Khan (Pics Courtesy Architectural Digest)
    Irfan lives in the coolest, brightest, breeziest house ever. I love houses with huge doors and windows. I love light and this by far is my favorite celebrity house. I particularly love the flowers and leaves on the ceiling, the Turkish plates on the left side of the pic and the colorful jhoola!! The Indian yet slightly modern vibe of the house is a total winner. Look at that charpoy with magenta legs, how innovative!! 

    I wonder if the window on the wall is a painting or a real one because a window opening into another room will be just weird. Don’t miss the wooden rocking chair, cute and so quaint. Love it!!
     Doesn’t this give us so many ideas?? I mean I would love to incorporate the ladder in my living room (coz hey I don’t have such a lavish veranda!) I can’t help but lust after that colorful center table. 😉 
    Which is your favorite house among these 3 celebrity houses? Comment below!!
    -Lokesh Dharmani



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