Boardwalk @ Palm Jumeirah | Love It Recommend It

We decided to check out the Boardwalk at the Palm Jumeirah because we’d heard it’s become the new cool place to hangout. Not that it was ever a bad place really, I mean, Palm Jumeirah was pretty fancy to begin with. But what was a sidewalk looking out to the ocean is now a full-fledged boardwalk where you can go jogging or rent cycles or roller blade or even just take a walk and breathe in the lovely sea-air. We got there during sunset which I feel is the perfect time cos the colours are so beautiful and the vibes are so awesome!

Here’s what we loved about the Boardwalk at the Palm Jumeirah

– The fact that the sun sets on this side, so you have brilliant sunset views every day!

– It is pet-friendly! So you can take your pets out for a run as well while you’re out for a walk or jog.

– The boardwalk is perfect for staying fit while spending next to nothing. You can go roller-blading or rent cycles or just walk the length of the 5km stretch of boardwalk.

– The food trucks! After a long walk by the beach, you’re bound to feel peckish! Go ahead, grab a quick shawarma or maybe a burger (veggie options also available). They even have an organic cafe as well, if you want to eat healthy, plus a fish n chips place if you want to have your fish by the ocean!


Good for: Everyone, including your pets!

Cost: It can cost you nothing at all if you just want to walk. But if you want to rent bikes or eat at the food trucks, it can cost you anywhere between 30-50AED per head.

So yes, we LOVE it, and we totally recommend it!









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