Love it Recommend it | Best Filter Coffee

There are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who wake up at a cloudy sky and say – Ah, What a day for chai! and those who say “Perfect weather for a strong filter coffee”.

Today, we bring you a list for the second type – A list of the best filter coffee spots in the City.
To help us in this search we called an old friend, Arwa. Arwa runs a company for food tours in Dubai called Frying Pan Adventures.
She does some incredible walking tours in Dubai that leave you with a full stomach and a biiiiiig smile on your face.
Check this out:

Back to our Filter Coffee Trail, we started at Karama Park and on our list of places to visit were –
1. Aryas
2. Saravana Bhavan
3. Venus
4. Sangeetha Veg restaurant

How did they fare? Which coffee was the strongest? What’s the secret ingredient to a great coffee? Watch the full video to find out.



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