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How about leaping, ziplining and climbing an obstacle course in one of the most green areas of Dubai – Mushriff Park. Malavika and Sid try out the Aventura Parks this week on Love It Recommend It.

Aventura Parks surprised us. 35000 square metres of space is A LOT of space and it’s right here… 10 mins from the airport and in the middle of Mirdif. How could we possibly have not been here till now?

We climbed ropes, we crossed logs, we walked across tiny bridges, we zip lined – A LOT. We climbed up and down ladders and ropes like crystal maze contestants. We had a GREAT time!

Of all our Love It Recommend It experiences, we put this in the top 3.
It was fun, we laughed our hearts out and it was challenging as well. For 3 hours, we forgot about work, responsibilities and every day stress.

Lets give you all the basic info.

What is it?
Aventura parks is a tree surfing, zip lining, rope climbing adventure in the middle of the city. Great for adults, challenging for team work, a fantastic birthday celebration spot and definitely one that the kids will love.
This is a Spanish concept that the Aventura team has brought to Dubai.

Where is it?
Mirdif. Mushrif park? Right in the middle, We entered Gate 2 and drove about a km. It’s not hard to find once you are in.

When did they open?
December 30th. And since the day they opened they have had EVERYONE talking about them. Papers, bloggers, schools and corporates. Their weekends are packed and weekdays are nice and chilled.

How long does this take?
We got there at 11:00. We waited for our briefing at 11:30 with a cup of coffee. We were briefed and trained for about half an hour and once we set out on the 5 major obstacle paths – the whole thing takes about 3 hours.
Add a bit of chill time before and after, we would say set about 4 hours out for the entire thing.

Training? WHY? It’s that hard?
Actually yes. It is quite challenging. It takes a little while to get used to using the equipment, because when you are up on the obstacle, you are on your own. Unlike a tandem jump, you don’t have someone hooking and unhooking your stuff FOR you. You do it on your own, so training is important, but also entertaining.

Post that each obstacle course, each pathway takes about 30 – 40 minutes. With our fitness level atleast.
There is the easy kiddy one, the zip-line one, the medium intensity ones and the ‘khatron-ke-khiladi’ one.

COST: AED150 for adults, 60 for kids. Worth every dirham.





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