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Imagine waking up to a new view everyday. Imagine staying in a house that rotates. Imagine you can adjust the speed of your house’s rotation!! Ok don’t imagine further. Just watch 🙂 -Megs and Lokesh (Video courtesy Your Discovery Science)

This is RJ Lokesh’s simple recipe of Sindhi Curry. Check it out!  

It’s Kurkuri Bhindi this week on Loki’s Kitchen!! This is the quickest, easiest and crunchiest snack you could make for your unannounced guests on the weekend 😉 -Lokesh Dharmani

RJ Lokesh brings to you a brand new recipe every Tuesday and it’s a different dessert for this Diwali special week. Sabudana Kheer. Watch:)

Gitex Technology Week 2017 has some of the most incredible things to offer, a hovering Police Bike is one of them!! Our minds are blown ever since we watched it. What we laughed at in Dhoom 3 seems like a reality now. Watch watch!! -Meghana and Lokesh

It’s finally out and it looks all kinds of opulence. It’s also everything Sanjay Leela Bhansali; huge sets, beautiful people, elaborate costumes. What do you think? -Chalegi -Daudegi -Sannu ki? -Meghana and Lokesh

It’s Navratri and we all need some creative vegetarian recipes. I am sharing a very simple 4 ingredient recipe with you. It’s quick, easy and tasty. Happy Navratri. -Lokesh Dharmani

I was generally Googling ‘fancy houses’ this morning is when I saw these gorgeous pictures of some of our famous Bollywood celebrities’ houses on and Architectural Digest’s website. The pics look amazing and give such an insight into our favorite stars’ lives. Check it out- Alia Bhatt- (Pics courtesy iDiva) Look at this superstar […]

Today’s recipe is very special as you can involve your kids as it’s a ‘no knife-no fire’ recipe!! Watch the video here- OVERNIGHT OATS IN LOKI’S KITCHEN   Ingredients Banana -1 Yoghurt – ½ Cup Strawberries – 2 to 3 Chia seeds – 1 tablespoon (optional) Oats – 1 bowl Milk – 2 tablespoons Peanut […]

On the launch of new iPhone, iPhone X, here are 7 stages in an Apple Fan’s life!! Memes created by yours truly, Lokesh Dharmani!!   


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