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This week, on Love it Recommend it, Malavika took a flight to Mumbai and drove down to Mulshi, Maharashtra to a Wellness Destination called Atmantan. A retreat for body, mind, and soul. – Watch for more details. 

This long weekend I took a flight far from the madding crowds and hustle bustle of the city to Mumbai, got in a car and drove 3.5 hours to a place called Mulshi, in Maharashtra. Why?  For our first international Love it Recommend it!

I went to Atmantan – on a 4 day 3-night retreat and as the name suggests it was a detox for atma-man-tan – or body, mind, and soul.

As you drive through the gorgeous Sahyadri mountains, Pune’s traffic and tall buildings soon give way to the forests and the still and stunning Mulshi lake, A man-made lake owned by the Tata’s. A few bendy roads later, the tall iron gates of Atmantan open to welcome you into the lap of luxury. Elizabeth welcomed me in with a sandalwood tikka and soon I was given the keys to my own gorgeous room.

Atmantan is built keeping in mind wellness at every step. And the architects are fully aware what the sight of that lake can do for your mind – so every room on the property overlooks this incredible sight.

Atmantan focuses on 4 things:

  1.  Food: Everything you eat at Atmantan is organic, calorie conscious, real food. It’s grown just 2 km from the restaurant at the Atmantan organic farm and 2 meals in – your taste buds not just get used to the no-refined-flour-natural-sugars taste but your body starts to thank you for it. You feel lighter, healthier and somehow cleaner. Guests are encouraged to have phone-free meals, on time and together. Dinner is served by 6 30 and you are ready to crawl into bed an hour later!
  2. Sleep: The mattresses in every room are recommended by the best doctors for the best sleep and with no bright lights or loud music for miles around you – it’s not hard to fall asleep at 9 pm.
  3. Exercise: Whether it’s yoga, paddleboard yoga, aerobics, pilates, dance, the gym or an uphill run on your own – Atmantan encourages all kinds of workouts. Because after all – a happy mind, starts with a happy body. And happy bodies need work.
    4.Massages: I had 5 massages in 3 days. Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese traditional massages – each followed by a steam and sauna for 15 minutes. By the end of it – I was in this strange zombie like-state of semi-sleep-bliss. Best.Feeling.Ever.

Add plenty of meditation, lots of reading time and the sound of birds chirping through the day – Atmantan makes for a fantastic getaway from Dubai.
In short, I love it and I recommend it 


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