Anjali Ramesh | Project Intern

Q: Hi Anjali, first things first, (Welcome to City 1016) tell us how old are you and how long have you been in Dubai?
Hi! Thank you so much! (I’m 20, and I was born here, but have spent half of my life here and the other half in Mumbai.)

Q: School school? College college
 Schools- there were plenty! The most recent one was Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala, a boarding school. I did my undergrad at Heriot-Watt University, here in Dubai.

Q: When did you realise radio was something you wanted to get into?
I always admired the confidence of RJs, and just so that the confidence and enthusiasm rubbed off on me too, I decided to give it a shot. I heard about Project Intern at the perfect time (through the radio again!), and haven’t looked back since!

Q: Like Movies? What are the last 3 movies you loved?
Love movies! I’m mostly a desi girl, but one of the last 3 happens to be Spiderman! The other two I watched and enjoyed were Jab Harry Met Sejal and Dear Zindagi—if you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a HUGE SRK fan!  

Q: What are the last 3 songs you loved so much, you couldn’t stop singing?
This is such a hard question… Teen gaane se kisi ke pet nahi bharte!

But I’ll try.

  1. ALL THE SONGS from JHMS! Listening to them on repeat!
  2. A mix from a T-Series mixtape called Bol Do Na Zara and Main Agar Kahoon– the singing is hauntingly beautiful!
  3. Raabta – it’s such a catchy, trance-y track. It makes for really good easy listening!

Q: 3 things you discovered after joining City 1016 studios?
Honestly, I think 3 is a really tiny number- since day one, I’ve been telling everyone who’s asked that there’s too much to say, and I’m not able to keep up! There’s tons to do here, it’s bustling, exciting, and I’m thrilled to be learning from the best in the business!

Just to name three, but this barely scratches the surface!

That being on air is not just talking. There’s so much research and effort that goes behind what an RJ says on the radio at any time, even if it’s just an awesome mausam update! The brainstorming, the creativity- it’s just something else!

Learning about the sweepers, learning about the red light in the centre that tells you you’re on air, the controls in the studio, the fact that there are cameras in there, learning audio editing. The little things were the most interesting parts, to be honest!

That the behind the scenes is a really huge team, working to make sure that everything runs smoothly! There’s marketing, sales, digital marketing, IT, and all of these play a part of the SOS team! While listening, one can’t imagine that there’s such a huge vanar sena behind the voices you hear on the radio.

Q: Things you just can’t wait for to discover/introduce at City1016?
To discover: Any kind of learning is great learning at City, because the team is filled with veterans who have years of experience backing anything they’re saying! Through this experience, I’m keen on really discovering and improving myself; confidence wise, creativity wise, and I think the change is already happening!  

Introduce: Honestly, the sky is the limit! I’m really excited to bring more to the table … I think perhaps we can do more features of the real City- getting more people involved- because the social media reach is quite immense too alongside the radio reach. Through that, I think we can definitely touch more people.



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