An Ode to Teachers

Just yesterday, a day before teacher’s day, I went for my first violin class after the long vacation, and my teacher told me, “I really don’t enjoy vacations. The break from my classes, the kids not remembering anything — it’s just a waste of time.” Honestly, being on the other side, I never imagined there’d come a day when I’d hear ANYONE say they don’t like vacations for any reason… But that’s the thing with teachers. They’re special.

Related image“Come for extra classes! I’ll help you out.”

“Email me anytime you have any questions. I’ll reply.”

These are the people who never run out of patience and will repeat a lesson even 10 times if you haven’t understood it right, the people who will make themselves available at odd hours to help you out, and the people who really come through for you when the going gets tough. Some of them will look away while invigilating and pretend like they don’t know what you’re up to when you’re peeping into your friend’s paper… And some will cover up for you in front of a supervisor if you’ve done something punishment-worthy! Of course, there are the pyaar-ke-dushmans, the ones who will go out of their way to find that ONE thing you did wrong which can get you in trouble, and the ones who just give out those ‘don’t even try’ vibes.

Image result for whiplash good job dialogueAlthough every teacher has a really distinct personality, each one somehow manages to leave an impression on students when they leave the room. And all said and done, the best kinds are those who push students to become a better version of themselves. Not to fit into any mould, but to make their own and shine while they’re at it! (: The teacher-student duo in this AMAZING movie called Whiplash show this in the best manner! The teacher is as harsh and intimidating as it gets, but he’s very clear right from the start that he’s pushing the student as hard as he is because he KNOWS the kid is worth his time. He says, “there are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job’”. And in his own weird way, he gets the student to do a good job at the end!

When you’re 6 and you’ve entered a classroom for the first time, one of the default questions asked is ‘what do you want to become when you grow up?’ — and children come up with the most imaginative career choices in the world! A chef, a taxi driver, a pilot, a barber- you name it and it’s on the list. However, maybe one kid- or two at most- will say they want to become a teacher… Not saying kids don’t idolize their teachers, but I’m sure the profession that’s responsible for all others is definitely a great pick for a career. (:

Happy Teacher’s Day to the most wonderful people! I hope this day is filled with lots of love and warmth from your students!

-Project Intern, Anjali



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