Al Forsan Shooting | Love It Recommend It

We travelled to a land far far away…. Ok, not that far away. Abu Dhabi. Khalifa city, Al Forsan International Sports Complex. While the complex itself has everything from equestrian stuff to wakeboarding to paintball we thought we should try our hand at shooting.

Not just any shooting – Clay target shooting and Sniper shooting.

We walk onto a huge, we mean 1.something MILLION square metres huge property. In each direction a different adventure awaits you. It feels like the crystal maze, but cooler.

The shooting section has a security/check in process. Give them your Emirates ID card and a few sign in details and you are sent off with an expert. Ours was Roger, a Goan dude who has been doing this for 8 years and is an expert at the business of shooting.



Our first experience was with the Clay target shooting. You wear these jackets and stand on what feels like a balcony of a 1 floor house. A long wood and metal gun in your hand. This looks like the stuff you see people carrying on “hunting expeditions”. Cheek on the gun, they say, eye on the target and finger on the trigger. These orange clay pots, mimicking birds or rabbits or moving targets start flying around and you have to shoot them one by one.

Sid was great at it, Sanjana and I were unnerved by the sound at first, but soon we got a hang of it too.

But what came next was even better.

The SNIPER stuff.

It all feels very pro. A long 300 metre room and targets at 100, 200 and 300 metres. and this very high tech looking .223 caliber rifle. Sid, Sanj and I tried 3 shots each and we must have averaged a score of 26 on 30. Not bad!

It’s a little less unnerving to do the indoor shooting because you have less of that recoil on your shoulder and it seems …. quieter. Definitely something that you should try with a bunch of buddies.

What will it cost you? 

Not too bad actually. 200 AED for 25 shots of Clay target shooting , about an hours worth) and another 200 AED for 10 shots at the rifle.

Great for: 

A bunch of adventurous people who don’t mind guns and noise. To try something new. Good for a team outing (Their largest team booking was for 5000 People)

Not a place for: 

Kids or birthday parties. You have to be above a certain age limit for most of it. Also, a warning – these are guns and they can be loud, don’t say we didnt warn you.

When to go: 

Anytime post 2 pm. The afternoons are quiet, the evenings get busier and they shut by 10 pm. Summer/ winter – either works for the indoor shooting. So now would be great for both.

Idea, if you have a bigger budget: 

Go in a big group and make a day of it. Try the shooting and the riding and the wake boarding. Their restaurants are awesome too.

In short, we love it and we recommend it! 




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