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love it recommend it

Staying in the country this summer with no major plans for the holidays? Bored and think there is nothing to do? Let Malavika and Sid bust THAT myth for you with their brand new project – Love it, recommend it!

This week saw these 2 adventure junkies run off (during work hours mind you… ) to Adventure HQ. Located in the middle of a mall, like all things Dubai, this little adventure yard is in Times Square Mall on Sheikh Zayed road – a stone’s throw away from Al Quoz.

You have a billion questions? Let us ask them for you!

So what’s there to do?

Adventure HQ has a big climbing wall with routes ranging from easy to hanging on with will power. They also have a cable climb which lets you jump over suspended logs and swinging ropes about 30 feet off the ground!

Is it safe? Especially for kids?

Yes, actually! Very safe! They have these metal hooks that are strapped to your waist so that even if you lose balance you don’t really come crashing down!

 Is it expensive?

50 AED for a half an hour stint and if you buy a multiple entry pass it works out to 395 for 10 visits.

Fun? Tough?

Very fun and a great thing to do while the mall rat in the family does the shopping! Tough – well, lets just say we worked up a sweat and it is by no means a cake walk. Challenging , that’s the word we are going for! Certainly worth a visit atleast once!

What do we need to carry?

Nothing really! Just yourself.
Wear a comfy pair of pants. No, you can’t turn up in high heels and expect to scale a wall! And don’t bother with a fancy hair do because you’ll be in a helmet for all of it! Apart from that – turn up and have fun!

 We love it and recommend it!


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