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Raksha Bandhan is always a day filled with hasee mazaak, masti, haq jataana and big, warm, bear hugs! All over the world, desis are busy donning ghagras and kurtas, prepping the aarti ki thaalis, keeping the ladoos ready to stuff the brothers’ mouths with, and buying gifts for the loving sisters! This year, let’s hear from our team at City about their fond memories of Raksha Bandhan, and why this day makes smile slightly wider than they normally do! (:


Parikshit and his cousin Sania share a supernatural-ish bond. Somehow, each raksha bandhan day, she manages to be exactly where he is, ready to meet him with chocolates (despite his ‘ I wanna lose weight woes!) & a rakhi! From Delhi to Dubai, she’s wherever he is on the day, by COMPLETE coincidence! I sure hope this tradition continues every other year, and that she finds him wherever he’s wandering, demanding her gifts!


Karishma shares with me an ADORABLE story of her baby daughter and her first rakhi-tying experience! It was when she was four; she was decked up in her new ghagra choli, at her most Indian ever, sitting very very excited! She was not pleasantly surprised, however, when she heard she had to dip her fingers into the kumkum and feed her brother the ghee-filled laddoo! That year probably saw the most hygienic raksha bandhan celebrated, as Karishma’s daughter washed her hands after each rasam, to make sure she was doing it right! We could take some lessons from that then 4 year old!


Tia’s tying tradition involves her and her baby brother! Kahaani shuru hui 15 saal pehle… Behen ko pasand hai bling, bhai ko subtle and simple! But as always, the elder ones get their way- especially elder sisters! Itna toh haq banta hai! Since 2002, she has been making sure he wears the fanciest, weirdest rakhis, and Simpsons se leke Pikachu tak her brother has advertised everyone! Take a look at this year’s rakhi- he’s going to be sporting Chotta Bheem and Bollywood ka Bhai, Salman Khan (a guy he’s NOT a fan of!) 😉


The others in our team are busy making their raksha bandhan memories; Lucky Loki and Sid are on holiday, meeting with their sisters and having a ball! We here at City wish the same for you, and hope that today is filled with fun and frolic, and that the sisters get out-of-the-world gifts from their brothers (don’t settle for less!) 😉

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