Tuesday, April 25, 2017

6 Most Dramatic Moms of Bollywood

  1. Rakhee –The I-have-full confidence on my sons’ mom


Who can forget the famous “Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge’. She represents the mom who has infinite amount of confidence in her kids.

2. Jaya Bachchan –Know-it-all mom


She is the know-it-all-melodramatic mom who will leave in the midst of a Pooja because she can sense her son entering the house. Like really?

3. Dolly Ahluwalia- Happy- go -lucky Punjabi mom


Who can forget Dolly Ahluwalia’s character in Vicky Donor. Perfect representation of a happy and carefree mom who enjoys life to the fullest, indulges in a few “beverages” and dances like no one’s watching.

4.SriDevi- The coming of age mom


She represents most of our moms who is always worried about the wellness of her kids and family. It makes us realize that no matter how much our moms do for us, it is important that they are given an opportunity to realize their dreams as well.

5.Ratna Pathak-The tough on the outside but soft on the inside momma


Remember her role in Khoobsurat? She refrained from expressing her love to her children although she loved them to bits. After all, love need to be expressed in only one way:)

6. Kirron Kher-The overdramatic mom of all time


Last but not the least, be it the melodramatic mother in Devdas, the loud yet understanding mom in Rang De Basanti or the cool mother in Dostana, Kirron Kher has definitely shown us the different sides a mom can have.

So guys, no matter how our mom is, she definitely loves her kids a lot.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!



-Princia (Project Intern No. 6)