Five Times Hrithik Spoke His Heart

Hrithik Roshan is easily a man we love to love! He’s good looking, takes his acting job seriously and speaks from his heart. Here are 5 times Hrithik spoke about people/ events that made us go – hmm, that’s impressive! He has no qualms calling a spade a spade and even if it means being brutally honest about himself, he will!

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Here’s 5 times we were impressed by interviews that Hrithik gave.

  1. On Ashutosh Gowarikar

“I have accepted “Mohenjo-Daro” with Ashutosh Gowariker because the script blew my mind. Besides, I cannot forget that Ashutosh was loyal to me in my bad phase when people were quitting on me.”

2. On Danny Denzongpa

With Danny-sir, it was uncanny, but our first shot was almost the same as what we had done when I was a kid in “Bhagwan Dada” (1986), wherein I kick him. We laughed over it and we even became good friends despite our age differences. He is like an institution!

3. On being a dad to his sons Hridaan and Hrehaan

Fatherhood didn’t just happen to me, I am deliberately living it, re-imagining it and rediscovering it every day. It is as beautiful as I make it, just like anything else in life.

4. On Directing A Film in The Future.

“No. Never. I don’t think I can. I don’t know why… I don’t have the calling to direct. I don’t write scripts. I can think, but I know that the internal calling is not there so till that is not there, I can’t do it.” 

5. On himself!

“I am not here to make money. Money is all a consequence. I am not here to be the best actor in the world. I am here to enjoy myself.”



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