5 Things to Look Forward To In Ramadan

Ramadan Special: All That’s There to Look Forward To

It has been confirmed that the holy month of Ramadan is to commence on Saturday, 27 May 2017. Here are a few things that I think are going to add a tad bit more magic the coming month and I’m sure these will enhance your experience of the coming month in The Year of Giving.

  1. The Return of Ramadan Sharing Fridges

There is an organisation in Dubai that took the initiative of placing sharing fridges across different locations in the city. The motive behind this gesture was to create a convenient system of sharing food with those who are otherwise unable to bear the expenses of the mere luxury of being able to afford proper meals. Have a look at where you can find these fridges:  

Here’s an idea, if you think that this is a brilliant initiative and want to be a part of it, just get on Facebook and you can join the 5,000 others.

What can you do? Maybe, sponsor the sharing fridges or help with restoring food items in the fridges closer to you. Come to think of it, it’s a great summer project to take up with your kids or your friends.


  1. Ramadan Night Markets

It’s that time of the year when the Ramadan night markets pop-up all over the region breathing life into the occasion. These markets will offer merchandise, home décor, handicrafts and stationary. A food court will also be open to all those who’s wish to stay until Suhoor. I’m personally looking forward to the Ramadan Village that is going to be held at the Sharjah Expo Centre, it has little something for everyone! Of course, there’s always the annual Ramadan Night Market at the Dubai World Trade Centre, this is where I do all of my pre-Eid shopping.


  1. Reduced School Hours

A relief for both, children and the faculty, perhaps not so much for the parents but the schools all over UAE will have shorter hours throughout Ramadan. Effective May 28 onwards students are allowed to attend school only for five hours. Additionally, the schools have been asked to take it easy on Physical Education.


  1. A UAE Based Airlines will be Offering Iftar Meals

These special meals will be offered to all those who’ll be going to Jeddah and Medina for Umrah. What’s on the menu? Spinach fatayer, za’atar chicken with hummus, cucumber sandwiches, halloumi cheese and traditional sweets, dates and yoghurt.


  1. Shout Out to All Volunteers

This Ramadan many organisations are looking for volunteers to distribute goods and offer services to labourers and others in need. Emirates Foundation, a government organization that accepts public and private funding, has recently launched a mobile application “Volunteering” where all those who wish to participate in the Year of Giving can sign themselves up and do their bit


Ramadan Kareem from the family of City 1016

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