5 things you should learn from Rajnikanth

It’s the superstar, Rajnikanth’s birthday today and as he turns 66, the man still has more clout than all the Khans combined at the box office.
But while movie stars are movie stars, how is Rajni different from the rest of his contemporaries?

Here are the 5 things we think make him a little extra super:

1. He meets no one after 9 pm. 

If only we could all do this. Off time is off time. No matter how big the movie, politician or director – if it’s after 9 pm, it can wait till tomorrow.

2. After every movie he takes off to the Himalayas.

No, not in some 5 star hotel. He goes to the villages and gets lost in the crowd. To him this is a kind of meditation, a kind of reminder that at the end of all those crores and tickets sold, you are just another human being making it from birth to death 🙂 |

3. He drives his own car.

Because why let someone else do what you can? He is known to be humble, kind and not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

4. He learnt Tamil for his first film.

Imagine someone offers you a dream job. Except you don’t have the primary skill it takes to do that job. Do you let go of the opportunity, because this could end in failure? Or do you learn whatever it takes to make that dream happen. Rajnikanth knew no tamil when he was offered his first film.

5. He is the real #NoFilter #NoMakeup guy.

While he employs only the best in make up for his films… he has no qualms about turning up at events or in front of public in his “I woke up like this” look. Respect. because we love him for all that he is, inside and out!




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