5 Of Our Favourite Alia Bhatt Scenes

We all know about Alia Bhatt’s fabulous acting in the film ‘Udta Punjab’, where she played a role of a labourer from Bihar.

Below are five scenes from her other movies that prove that she  indeed is a versatile actress and can take on any role:)

Who can forget “Shanaya Singhania”, the hot and popular girl in college who is innocent and naive  at the same time.

A scene that brought tears to our eyes 🙂


The bubbly, bold and outspoken Tamilian who is not afraid to speak her mind.


This scene had so much of innocence in it that I am pretty sure it reminded all of us of a memory we all shared with our friends at some point.


Every person in their 20s would have definitely connected with this scene.


-Princia (Project Intern)




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