5 beautiful countries that issue visa on arrival to Indian citizens

  1. Jordan-

    Things to do-
    -Go to Petra, an ancient gorgeous rock cut city in a deep valley.
    -You could also go to The Dead Sea – bordering Israel, the West Bank and Jordan – is a salt lake whose banks are more than 400m below sea level, the lowest point on dry land. Its famously hypersaline water makes floating easy, and its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at area resorts. 
  2. Seychelles

    Things to do-
    Hang out by the turquoise waters on the coastline of Mahe.
    -Go snorkeling and scuba diving at Saint Anne marine national park.
    -Pay a visit to the Bicentennial monument or explore the Aride island.


  3. Ukraine
    Things to do-

    Kiev Pechersk Lavra- It’s a monastic complex lined by beautiful Ornate religious buildings. It’s also known for its network of catacombs.
    -Golden Gate Kiev – 1980s replica of 11th-century Golden Gate, the main fortified entrance to the medieval city.

    4. Ethiopia

    Things to do-
    Lalibela, an incredible medieval settlement, is unbelievable. The 11 rock-hewn monolithic churches built by King Lalibela is something you must not miss.
    -Visit the ancient holy city of Harar, Blue Nile Falls and the Rift valley.

    5. Bhutan
    Things to do-
    Sacred mountainside monastery with ornately designed temples & art, plus legendary meditation caves.
    -Visit Kyichu Lhakhang,    an important Himalayan Buddhist temple situated in Lango Gewog of Paro District in Bhutan.
    Note that before you travel, it is necessary that you contact the embassy or consulate of the country you are planning to travel to and confirm that there has not been any recent change that may affect your travel. This is because visa and immigration policies change frequently as each country makes the necessary adjustments to protect its borders.
    -Lokesh Dharmani



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